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CASTAWAY: Has The 80 Year Old Mystery Of Amelia Earhart Been Solved?

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A new discovery promises to shed new light on what happened to the famous aviator’s doomed flight and unexplained disappearance.

Legendary aviator Amelia Earhart was attempting to become the first female pilot to fly around the world when her plane disappeared over the Pacific Ocean in 1937.

The largest aerial search party in history combed the Pacific Ocean in hopes of finding her, but all was in vain, and no satisfying trace nor explanation for her vanishing act was ever surmised.

No plane, no bodies, no context clues, only rumor and speculation, and in time even conspiracy theories.

Amelia Earhart

But now, scientists say a new discovery shows a striking similarity between the pilot and the partial skeleton of a castaway found on an island in the country of Kiribati back in 1940. some three years after Earhart was lost.

The bones were uncovered on the island of Nikumaroro, also known as Gardner Island, which is about 400 miles south of Howland Island.

They were analysed in 1940, but a doctor said they were male, ruling out the possibility they belonged to Earhart.

However, when TIGHAR discovered the files in 1998, scientists said modern techniques proved the bones were “consistent with a female of Earhart’s height and ethnic origin”.

An observant anthropologist in our own time stepped up to the plate to pursue a hunch about the findings.

“Given the evidence and my experience in the field of photogrammetry and photo interpretation, I estimate that the radius-to-humerus ratio of Amelia Earhart is 0.76,” he wrote.

In other words, the difference between her lower and upper arm was virtually identical to the partial skeleton, unearthed in the South Pacific.

The discovery doesn’t conclusively prove the castaway was Amelia Earhart, but it’s certainly another step in that direction.

No word as to whether or not she was found with a volleyball companion…

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