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Celebrity Kids: The Outrageously Good Looking Children of the Stars

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Their parents are rich and famous, they’re the modern day princes and princesses of American life, born into privilege, raised in celebrity excess.

See who all won the gene pool lottery despite having to grow up in the shadow if their parents’ fame…

And guess which ones among them may ascend the mountain top of Hollywood thanks to their parents’ giving them the good looks and the name recognition Tinseltown eats up.

Check out our editors’ comprehensive list of the most beautiful celebrity offspring in the land…



Think you know who this young beauty is? Well she sprang forth from the loins of U2’s Bono in the name of love…

Born into rock n’ roll royalty, Eve has branched out onto fashion runways on her own accord, no doubt inspired by her daddy’s famous on stage strut himself.

Eve Hewson

Amara Loves



The daughter of the 80s pop crooner Phil Collins is bedazzling, and she has much better hair than her father ever did…luckily she takes after her mom in the looks department.

We’re just glad her dad didn’t insist on naming her Sussudio

Lily Collins




Captain Jack Sparrow’s daughter looks primed to be as big a heart throb as her leading man father ever was…

Lily Rose Depp

Amara Loves



Being a super model’s daughter ain’t all it’s cracked up to be (just ask Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley’s daughter Alex Joel), talk about having impossible body image standards while growing up…that is unless you come from Cindy Crawford‘s ovaries…then you’re just sickeningly beautiful.

Kaia Gerber

Amara Loves



The oldest legitimate son to the former Austrian bodybuilder, turned Hollywood action star, turned California Governor is the heir to a political dynasty, as his mother Maria Shriver is a member of the Kennedy clan…no word on whether Patrick aspires to be a Republican like his Terminator dad or a Democrat like his mom…

Patrick Schwarzenegger




The daughter of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe is now the same age that her mother was when she met her father on the set of Cruel Intentions back in 1997…and conceived Ava.

Ava Philippee and Reese Witherspoon



Think of any others that should’ve made our list?

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