HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD: The Death of TV’s Superman

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It’s nearing the ghoulish time of year where trick or treaters, costumes, candy and ghost stories capture the American imagination.

And no one does ghost stories like Hollywood, a land filled with legend, romance, mystery and tragedy.

Throughout the month of October Celebrity Gossiper will be bringing you the most eerie and scandalous celebrity ghost stories and unsolved mysteries as a send off to Halloween.

There are enough Tinseltown urban legends and ghost stories to fill volumes of leather bound books.

But for the sake of your Kindle, we’ll bring some of the very best to you, right on your screen…

George Reeves' Death


The Death of TV’s Superman

One of the great unsolved mysteries (and subsequent hauntings) of Tinseltown occurred to actor George Reeves, most famous for his role as Clark Kent/ Superman, as the very first actor to play a comic book hero on American television.

It was a seminal event in post-war American life, deemed a national scandal in its day, and signaled the end of the 50s, and with it the death of American innocence as a new cynical decade awaited in the 1960s.

So strange was Reeves’ death, that it has forever teetered back and forth between being called a suicide and a homicide…

Somehow he shot himself in the head…without getting his finger prints on the gun found laying between his lifeless feet.

Adding to the mystery is why he would go upstairs and kill himself while a party of inebriated friends were reveling in his living room downstairs.

A police report shows that Reeves’ car brakes had been cut at an earlier date, almost leading the actor to a fatal crash, speculation being that the deed was done by a mob contact from the jealous husband of a woman Reeves was having an adulterous affair with…

Adding to the mystery, Toni Mannox, the woman whom Reeves had a salacious affair with, allegedly confessed to a priest in front of her publicist that she had arranged for Reeves to be murdered…this allegation was revealed upon her death as her publicist broke his silence.

The mystery surrounding Reeves’ death was made into a compelling film noir back in 2006, starring Ben Affleck as George Reeves, a spooky movie choice for a Hollywood Halloween movie night…

This morbid tale was of course bound to be ripe for a good Hollywood ghost yarn, and to this day, Reeves’ former address and the site of his untimely death, remains a favorite site for ghost hunters and thrill seekers to look for a paranormal experience.

George Reeves house


To this day, almost 60 years since his death, occupants of the address swear they awaken at night to hear his frantic voice call out to them.

Perhaps the sound of a soul that won’t know peace until justice is served…

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