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Is Kanye West’s Breakdown Due to Late Mom’s Death Anniversary?

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When Kanye West cancelled his entire tour, it was just a matter of time that we’d hear about his breakdown. It was imminent; he pushed himself off the edge. But what wasn’t really clear was the reason that pushed him to his breaking point.

Kanye is currently hospitalized in UCLA Medical Center. Upon being admitted to the hospital, reasons of the breakdown pointed to lack of sleep, pressure in touring, business management as well as helping wife Kim Kardashian-West through the trauma she suffered in Paris.

However, a new report from TMZ showed another reason that has some validity to it too. According to TMZ sources, Kanye’s breakdown is due to his late mom’s death anniversary. Donda West passed away on November 20, 2007. It was the same day that Kanye cancelled his show in L.A. two weeks ago. The next day, he cancelled his tour.

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TMZ also reported that people close to Kanye shared that the rapper wasn’t able to grieve properly over the death of his mother. Well, it could possibly be a mix of everything too. The stress started to pile up leading to his breakdown which also caused his paranoia. While admitted in UCLA, Kanye said that people are trying to destroy his marriage with Kim and that he didn’t even want the doctors touching him.

At that time, doctors hoped that Kanye would be released in just two days. But it appears that Kanye needs to stay longer for proper treatment. There is still no official word on when Kanye will leave UCLA but we’re all wishing him the best recovery.

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